Why Us?


We are 100% African owned and operated so we have a lot of experience with showing international visitors around our homelands during their holidays in Africa.  We have used that knowledge to carefully design our collection of expeditions.  We know that our guests are on a trip of a lifetime, for some it might be the only time they visit our incredible continent, so we have crafted journeys that allow them to experience superb wildlife viewing, respectful cultural encounters and diverse landscapes. We are specialists in handling guests from North America (USA & Canada), United Kingdom, Australia and Newzealand. We also cater for domestic tourists whereby we have crafted special packages for East Africans in the spirit of promoting domestic tourism.

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Our Core Values


The safety and well-being of our customers, staff and everyone who works with us.

We understand that visiting a foreign country can be stressful when you are in an unfamiliar culture and aren’t sure what the local laws are when it comes to health and safety.  So, whether it is safe driving, maintaining our vehicles, managing wildlife encounters or keeping up-to-date with weather and current events, please be assured that we take your safety very seriously.

Delivering incredible and authentic experiences to our customers.

You are our number one priority. We know you have travelled a long way to visit Africa, and that it is important to you that you have the best experience possible for the best value.  Our mission is to give you just that.

Respect for the animals, people and places we encounter.

Our motto is to take only photos and leave only footprints.  We seek to educate our customers about the cultures and animals they will encounter, and how to enjoy those encounters respectfully.

Working with honesty, transparency and integrity.

We don’t hide costs or important terms in the small print.  If we make a mistake we own up to it.  We don’t make promises that we can’t keep.  We seek to manage expectations so our customers and suppliers understand what we can and cannot deliver.

Supporting grassroots economic development through holidays in Africa.

We are 100% African owned and operated, and we try to only work with suppliers who also are.  We do our best to procure products and services from African businesses and try to give priority to small, new or developing enterprises. Read more about our path to Responsible Travel here.

Original text by CW Copywriting. Header photo taken in Northern Tanzania by Carolyn Wincer.


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